All You Need To Know About Buffalo Grass

The beauty of any natural or artificial habitat is that it needs the touch of nature and the synonym for nature is grass. The grass is available in all part of the globe, there are thousands of varieties in the grass. In a way or another, all life on earth is somehow dependent on grass, without these grasses, life on earth can never be normal. Grass provides food, shelter and freshness to all life on earth. Even humans, cannot survive without grass and there is multiple practical application of grass. For example, bamboo is the type of grass and bamboo can be said as the first building block that was used by man for construction and building a bigger structure. Many types of grass are edible to not only animal but human also.

But now as the human has evolved and managed to develop different materials for their use. The role of grass has minimized but still is an important part of our habitat. From recent decades, now we can see the grass primarily for aesthetic purpose. We can see that any area which needs to be decorated with a touch of nature, contains grass. The most common example is the lawn and gardens. Usually, lawns and gardens have a different breed of grass, mixed. This hybrid combination helps to grow better grass and it also extends the life of grass in such areas. Due to the availability of the different type of grass, now it is possible to convert barren areas in green lands. These various types of grass have helped people to have beautiful lawns and garden. 

Introduction of Buffalo grass:

In Australia, due to the hot season, few types of grass can stay the whole year. This is the reason that buffalo grass is popular in Australia. The origin of buffalo grass, if from Great plains from Montana to New Mexico, America.


The Buffalo grass are warm-season turf and they can easily grow in hot weather with minimum water intake. The buffalo turf is shade-tolerant, drought-tolerant and can grow wisely with the minimum of mowing. The grass can easily grow to 8-10 inches, with blade slight curly.

Plantation & Care:

As this hot season turf, so the ideal season to sow buffalo grass is April or May. The plantation can be done from seed or sod. The moisture is the critical factor for its growth but avoids sogginess, as that may affect the growth of the grass.

It becomes people favourite because it requires minimum maintenance. Water need is also minimal and it can easily survive the hot weather, so you don’t have the baby it.