How Is An Unattended Cremation Arranged?

As the name represent an unattended cremation based in melbourne is the type of the cremation in which there is no family member or friend of the deceased to attend the cremation and therefore, the cremation is performed at a crematorium or at some burial ground by a private cremation service provider or a funeral home. This is usually done when the friends or the families live far apart and could not come at the time of the death. Although the family could arrange a memorial after the cremation in which they could invite the family friends. This memorial could be at any place and sometimes some people buries the ashes of the loved on this ceremony.

How does it work?

The process is simple, when someone is passed over, usually their family hires the cremation services in the vicinity where the person has died and do the arrangements on call. The cremation services collect the body from the place of death which could either be the hospital or the house or any care centre. The cremation services put the tag on the body to identify it and then the cremation is performed by a team of experts. This procedure usually takes 2 to 3 hours and once it has been done, the ashes are collected and stored in an urn and tagged which is then either sent to the beloveds of the deceased on their address or they could come at some point to collect it. 

The cost of the unattended cremation:

This type of cremation is cheapest of the all types and it is 75 percent less costly than an attended cremation ceremony and the cost includes all the services such as transportation of the body, preparation of the paperwork, cremation, delivery of the ashes and a person who could provide guidance and could keep the family members updated.

Why an unattended cremation?

As mentioned earlier there could be several reasons for the loved ones to choose this type of method. Sometimes, the family has low budget and it was also the wish of the deceased to not spend much on their departure. Some people prefer to have a memorial service after some time has passed and sometimes all the family and friends are not able to be present at the time of the death.

How to contact the cremation service for this?

This is not a difficult procedure because all you have to do is find for the cremation services through internet and then you could either contact them through their website or mobile number. Once you get in touch they could guide you about the fees and the other services.

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