Saying Bonjour To Parisian Chic Home Décor

Paris is well known for its spell on scrumptious pastries and sweet delights that people can hardly resist, timeless fashion adorning stores stealing your sight and lights and love that almost inevitably linger in the atmosphere. But apart from all these we’re going to say bonjour to the iconic flair and elegance curated in French home decor which is pretty far from neat lines and sleek furniture, and instead revolves around everything insanely chic, with a hint of chaos embracing the beauty of imperfection. If you’re intrigued and want to throw in some elements of Parisian Home Decor, read on for a few cool tips.


Pretty obvious, but still can’t go unmentioned. I mean even if you’ve got a modern penthouse screaming black and white stripes and pastel patterns, adding a piece of antique, be it a small side table, or a floral vase that you picked from the flea market, will undoubted add the vintage charm that your home lacks. So include a few antiques, to bring in timeless and effortless sophistication of Parisian charm.

Serene Walls.

While the French have a flair for going insanely chic, and have a more enthusiastic approach to style, breaking rules and having fun with decor, they kind of go easy on the colour pallet, painting walls mostly in white or neutral shades. This is to allow the light swim through large windows highlighting the accent features and furniture that are usually bold with a hint of vibrant colour.

Gold Accents.

If you’re going to have metallic elements at home, you should probably let your architectural builder Gold Coast know that the only metal you want to go for is gold. Whilst that might sound exaggerated, Parisian design calls for vintage drama, quite inevitably asking for furniture and finishing in a charming gold. But remember, there’s no rules when it comes to Parisian style, so don’t force it, if you’re not a fan, and incorporate it in a volume according to your taste.

Crystal Chandeliers.

Cliché but nevertheless capable of creating an effortlessly incredible look to make your room look complete, even when they’re lacking basic interiors. And for Parisian design, this is one way to throw in drama and sophistication combined in the form of shimmering lights that reflect through the dangling Crystals. Whether you’re going for a knock down rebuild or simply a remodel, don’t limit the chandeliers to just your living or dining room, you can incorporate them in your bathrooms too. Go right here to find out more details.

Flowers and Drapes.

Drapes are another signature of the style you’re opting for be it, light cotton ones that dance to every hug by the wind, or sumptuous dramatic velvet ones that give the royalty vibe standing tall and luxurious. You’re allowed to go along with your taste as long as you’ve got windows and drapes! Also, flowers are popular feature in Parisian homes, so plant bright ones in your vases, bringing life and colour to match those vast white walls.