Status Of American Women Hunters Around The World

Since the onset of this decade, women not only from America but also from all over the world are utilizing more of their time in the tree stands and blinds, getting the meat and putting it on the table. This revolution has resulted in the ongoing awareness in the general public about the Farm to Fork idea and going the organic way to counter the deadly chronic diseases ongoing in the United States and other countries. These include cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Even though the men in the herd are still accounting for being the majority part in the 13.7 million hunters in the United States of America alone, the number of women hunters is strikingly on the rise. This percentage was only 11 percent back in 2006.  

The trend is on the rise 

Most state departments for natural resources have now started hosting workshops for women that provide all necessary information and instructions regarding all skills for hunting like archery, rifle shooting, and shotgun. The demand is quite big. With this overwhelming demand, women are now not only engaging in getting all necessary skills to keep up with this trend but are also buying important stuff, like hunting clothes. Womens hunting clothes in Australia are getting a lot of spotlight in the market. Camouflage clothing womens in Australia and camouflage swimsuits are all trendy and are getting quite a lot of hype in the market.       

Hunting clothes for women            

Many retailers have taken notice of this thing as well. Girls with guns clothing can now have their hunting clothes designed just according to the female body figure. This is the reason good quality clothes do not get baggy or saggy when worn by women who have totally different figure than men. Just like clothes, stuff like arches are also designed in a way that suit the female body more. For example, the ones are now coming in the market suitable for shorter arms that ladies can buy.  

Why this is getting trendy? 

Now, women are getting more independent which is a result of the feminist wave and woman empowerment generated across the globe. The world is modernizing, and females feel their need to extrapolate their skills in the best way they can. With the rise in the green revolution, kitchen gardening, organic meat, feminism, and woman empowerment, the percentage increase in the total female hunters is unsurprisingly grown to a high point. All these factors synergistically add up and encourage this positive change in the globe, especially in developed countries like Australia and the United States of America.  women-hunt