Why You Should Learn To Drive A Car

We are living in a modern age, where everyone wants to live according to the fashion. No one would like to go according to the old and ancient fashion, which old people admired. For example, if a person of teenage goes to a high school and there he wears a dress of his grandfather then it will probably look awkward and everyone will be making fun of him. When a person gets above 18 then most of his friends are of the same age, where most of them know how to drive and they drive as well.

Do you even like sitting at the back of the bus while you want to go somewhere, you have a car but your only your parents drive it, it is a very boring journey when you travel in a bus, if you do not have a car then it is satisfactory that you travel in a bus, but the thing is, if you have a facility then you should at least use it. Imagine if you are dating someone and your partner asks you to come and pick them up from their home but all you can say is that you do not know how to drive although you have a car, this creates a bad impression and they will think that he cannot drive a car even and they might also think that you are not courageous enough to drive a vehicle on your own.

Another reason to learn to drive a car is there can be some emergencies such as if someone in your home is admitted in hospital and you have to visit them as soon as possible then you must have to wait for the bus to come and then travel in that bus for a long time, this is how you will reach to visit them and it might be too late then.

One of the most embarrassing parts of not driving a car is that when you are with a friend and their partner calls them to pick them up, you will be the one who is third wheeling at the back. When you are enjoying a party, you will have to worry that how are you going back to home, you will have to leave the party before 11 otherwise you will not find any bus after that. You will have to tell a friend to drop you home, it will be really embarrassing, the real party starts after 11 only and you will have to leave just because you do not know how to drive.

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