A Guide To Septic Tank Installation

A septic tank is installed mostly in the rural areas where there is no direct connection to the main systems of the sewer. In cities and urban areas, these are not much used because usually the drainage the toilets are directly connected to the main system. But even in the cities where the houses are located on such location that is on the outskirts there could be the need of the septic tank installation. Although in the new houses which is already built, it is highly likely that these will already be installed by the Plumbers who were working in the construction projects but in case, it wears out or damages then the replacement needs to be done and first thing that comes in the mind is that whether you would need the Plumber or you could install it by yourself. In this article, we will talk about the guidelines for the septic tank installation and after that you can decide whether you want to take up this task by yourself or you should hire the Plumber:

Common choice:

In term of the septic tank installation in geelong, most people prefer to install it by themselves thus saving the cost to hire the professional for this because this is usually expensive and could take time depending on the complexity, location and conditions as well. But most importantly, if you are doing it yourself, you must have some tools and some plumbing skills before you could do it because incorrect septic tank installation could be worse and could make a mess that would be a lot hard to clean.

Understand laws:

There are laws associated with the septic tank installation and these could be different where you are living and this is why it is important to understand these to avoid any lawsuits. These laws are made to ensure that the dirty water does not enter the environment incorrectly so that the area could be kept clean and free from all kinds of environmental hazards. The authorities have the rights to check the installed system at any time to ensure that it compliances with the local laws.


The crucial aspect of the septic tank installation is the site because it will give you the answers of the questions like does your property is able to connect to the main sewerage pipeline and whether you will get the permit based on the distance that you have between your site and the main pipeline, in order to find out the location of the main sewerage system you can contact the local water administration and they will guide you. Not only this but you will also have to check whether the septic system is in accordance with the binding rules.