We are living in a world where saving resources is our prime responsibility. We are supposed to keep a check on the resources, their utility, and ways to reuse them and how can we recycle those resources? It’s our collective responsibility to save nature. You may have a car scrape in your garage and now finding ways to dump it. Instead of going out and dumping why not to get cash for scrap cars in perth.  Come to the Collier Road Metal Recycling and get the cash for your scrap car that is of no use.

Why contact us?

We are a family-owned business who endorse the idea of recycling. When you will contact us, it is assured that the team will find a suitable dealer for you and you can get cash for a scrap car from him. We have several meaningful connections all over the globe that gives you the margin of finding a potential buyer for you.

We have recycling services and encourage you to get cash for scrap yard based in perth. The company will buy aluminium, steel, brass, alloy, and other metals. We reuse them and you in return get money. With the endorsed idea of recycling, we assure you to get the maximum benefit from us. We are the seller and buyer of scrape. So, contacting us means, you are getting the best from us.

We believe in giving benefits to our clients.

Our values

We are here to save the earth. We can only save it by saving the resources of it. We buy and sell the metal of different kinds. This way you will get a chance to sell it at lucrative prices and the buyer will buy the metal into affordable ranges. We are creating ease at both ends. The cash for scrap cars can be used by you. We are in the heart of Perth and offering services in the area. Our ranges are best, and the quality is never compromised.

When we assure you to find a dealer, the deal is done fairly for both parties. We keep a check that you may pay the right amount. We try to find only the good and quality metal for you. And likewise, the case where you can get cash for scrap cars.

At one end, you were thinking about the ways to dump it and now earning from the same scraps. Isn’t it amazing?


The team is very cooperative and has the know-how of offering you the best out of every deal. It is assured by us to give maximum benefit to our seller, buyer, and universe. This way the cycle flows and every individual get the benefits from everything. Come to us and let us deal with the rest.