4 Reasons Why You Need To Hire Family Lawyers In Case Of Divorce

The term family lawyers are nothing new, in some countries these lawyers are called relationship lawyers and in other they are also known as domestic lawyers. Family lawyers in Brisbane Northside generally specializes in civil law regarding family and domestic life. They are expert in spousal cases of every nature. Our society is in dire need of more lawyers specializing in domestic laws as one of the greatest setbacks of our time is the lack of empathy and trust in relationships. No one has time to be a good husband or caring wife, everyone is so focused on its individual life and preferences that spark in the relationship gets lost somewhere and this eventually brings the couple in the cold podium of the courthouse, facing each other.  

Family lawyers have unfortunately are in so much demand nowadays due to record increase in the divorce rate. Many couples prefer for out of the court settlement, but a large number of spouses also get in a head–on fight for their rights during a divorce or separation. This situation calls for well qualifies family lawyers from both sides to represent them in court of law. Top five reasons why a family lawyer is must in divorce hearing are stated below.  

  • Divorce 

First of all, the person filing for divorce, whether it is husband or wife, needs to hire a family lawyer for representing them in front of the judge. The lawyer here carefully establishes why the person wishes to be divorce and on what grounds. He needs to convince the judge to sway in his favour with the final verdict.  

  • Child custody 

Family lawyers are trusted by the client to represent them effectively in front of the judge. Another focal point in any divorce is the case of child custody. The applicant filing for child custody in a divorce needs to makes its case stronger by proving points how he can be a better parent as compared to the other side. For mothers especially, child custody is a very sensitive matter and only a competent lawyer is trusted with such cases. 

  • Alimony 

Alimony is the financial aid a spouse is legally obligated to pay to the other party in case of divorce. Alimony case is mostly filled by the mother and father has to pay a fixed amount on fixed date each month. Competent family lawyers are able to negotiate maximum amount of alimony that works in mothers favour. 

  • Visiting rights 

Divorce is not about a mother only, it affects father just as much. If the mother has custody of children, then real affected person is the father as he will miss out so much of his kids. Family lawyers at the father’s side can negotiate a deal of visiting rights where father can visit his kids or kids can spend fixed amount of time with their father. These visiting rights are granted by the law and any up or down in court’s order can result in hefty fines. law-firm.jpg