Effects Of Abusive Marriage On Kids

Getting married is one the best feeling and if you are getting with the person you love the most it will give you more expectation from the marriage. Marriage is kind of responsibility where both the spouse take responsibility of each other, marriage is all about trust and respect each other if you two people cannot trust each other and don’t have respect for each other they should not get married and even if they are married they should get sit and talk about the problem if they don’t find out the solutions then they should leave each other and get separated getting divorce is the best option rather than having in abusive marriage.

These days abusive marriage is so normal where man or woman become violent any type of violence is not allowed in any kind of relationship if you are married to the man who don’t respect you and abuse you for no reason you should leave that person because if you have kids it gives them bad impact and give the negative environment where they don’t want to live and they start hating you and your husband who is their father as well and they learn such things because for them this is the normal thing because whatever kids see at home they learn it and take that thing normally so when they get married they do the same with their spouse and it will lead very bad impact on them.

  • Shattered the confidence 

When kids see these things all of sudden they cannot digest it and in the back of the mind they keep thinking about the violence and parents fight so even when they around their friends they cannot talk to them confidently because they have fear inside them and they can get scared easily.

  • Think negative about everything 

Kids learn most of the things from their parents and the environment of their house so when they see their parents are fighting over little things they adapt that thing and they think is that way to talk with everyone so they become ill-mannered and if someone correct them they take then negatively because that’s is how they brought up.

  • Do the same what parents did

When the kids have grown up and the day they get married at front of the wedding celebrant Maleny they do the same with their spouses because that is the normal thing for them because they have seen their parents’ whole life fighting over little things.

Abusive marriage doesn’t work for anyone it just destroys the relationship and spoils the kids. If a lady gets a divorce from the husband and want to start the new life and want to get elopement marriage then she needs to contact the I Heart Ceremonies they arrange the whole wedding including the celebrant at reasonable rates.